Velodrome Food Truck Festival

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It doesn’t matter which cuisine you call your favourite, the Velodrome Food Truck Festival had it all and it was a glorious international feast!

There are two types of foodies in the world. Those who know what their order will be after a quick glance through the menu and those whose final decision always comes down to a last-minute game of ‘eeny-meeny-miny-moe.’

I can guarantee that even the most sure minded person would be overwhelmed by all the incredible choices at this Festival!

The Coburg Velodrome saw over 10,000 visitors pass through the gates on Australia Day for the first of four days where over 30 food trucks were serving dishes from around the world.

From spicy Spanish paella to the best Italian pastas and Middle Eastern desserts, no matter which cuisine you’re hankering for, odds are there’s a food truck somewhere in the Velodrome serving up a delicious dish to satisfy the cravings.

I’ve posted about my food festival strategy before. TLDR: circle the venue once, making a mental shortlist and then make your purchases.

This once again proved a wise plan although culling the shortlist to one meal each was an impossible task so we ended up creating a little shared picnic where we all tried a little bit of everything. 

These are the dishes that topped our Food Truck Festival list:

Gnocchi Pesto – Ardor Gluten Free Gnocchi Bar

The Heisenberg – Franklins Classic American Hotdogs

Pulled Pork Burger – Big Smoke BBQ

Crispy Twice Cooked Spanish Potatoes – Melbourne Paella Company

Taco Puff with BBQ Bourbon Beef – Mamma Van

Lamington / Gorgeous Dave / Malcolm’s Malted Milk / Salted Coconut & Mango Sorbet – Gelato Messina

The six meals that we did eat however, were bordering on faultless. Preparing an outstanding dish in a restaurant is one thing but serving such tasty and beautifully presented meals from a crammed food truck is ultimately more impressive!

Each was delicious for different reasons, which makes it impossible to choose a favourite. The pulled pork from the burger was impressively tender but it was the bourbon beef from Mamma Van that truly melted in your mouth.

Piled high on top of the taco puff, it had a sticky and sweet bourbon glaze that offset the spiced bean rice underneath perfectly.

But if we’re talking about the most impressive dish of the day, without a speck of doubt, it goes to the gnocchi because I can’t recall ever eating gnocchi as soft and fluffy as those served by Ardor.

Not to mention they’re gluten free! Let that sink in for a minute.

Ardor has absolutely smashes the stereotype that gluten free pasta is stodgy, gluggy and heavy. Instead every bite was as light as a feather and fluffier than you could ever imagine pasta to be.

I’m quite proud of my Italian heritage and my Nonni have passed down some truly delicious, authentic recipes but these gnocchi put even my family’s homemade ones to shame.

After all these delicious meals, we still managed to find room for dessert.

I’d heard great things about Gelato Messina; ravings from other foodies about the intoxicating flavour combinations and ultra creamy texture.

I wasn’t sure if I believed the hype but will happily admit to being in the wrong. Messina, you have won my heart.

Unless you’re ordering gelato from the streets of Rome of Venice, this is the next best thing. The texture is truly what sets this ice cream apart because not only do you have a superb hybrid of gelato and traditional ice cream but there’s also chunks of goodies mixed in.

 The most tantalizing flavour we tried was Malcolm’s Malted Milk (malted white chocolate gelato with peanut, banana and choc cream cheese pie), which had actual chunks of chocolate pie.

It’s like combining four different desserts into one and even though it’s insanely rich, decadent and sweet, you couldn’t pry my spoon away if you tried!

There’s another two days left in the Australia Day long weekend so head on over to Coburg with a picnic blanket and tuck into some of the best food that’s ever come out of a truck.

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