What they’re eating in Rio

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With the Olympics currently underway in Rio, we wanted to know more about what the athletes and fans will be chowing down on. There has to be more to Brazil than barbecue (not that there is anything wrong with that!).

Feijoada is a delicious Brazillian way to consume meat that isn’t off a BBQ grill. Almost like a risotto, but with a black bean base instead of rice, it is laced with all sorts of cuts of pork and sausages. It is slow cooked for over 24 hours, so is often eaten out at restaurants or on special occasions.

All the health food cafes in Melbourne are now serving Açaí bowls, but Açaí berries have actually been used in Amazonian cooking for an incredibly long time. Considered a superfood, they are often actually paired with fish in Brazil, rather than found in a smoothie.

Moqueca is a tomatoey, seafood stew with a variety of spices, depending which part of Brazil you are in. Normally served with rice like a curry, it can also be paired with a local fish porridge… weird!

Pão de queijo is pure deliciousness – crispy but fluffy balls of a gluten free bread, stuffed with creamy cheese. There is not much more to say except – who on earth would not love that!?

Arguably the most popular sweet in Brazil, the Brigadeiro (pictured above) looks similar to a chocolate truffle but is made predominantly of condensed milk. This gives it more of a caramel texture, with a crunch of chocolate sprinkles on the outside.

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