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Juliana Mare visited the home of Melbourne’s most outrageous Monsta Shakez, Twisted Sista.

They’re a meal on their own, probably contain more sugar than you should consume in an entire week and come served with an upside-down ice cream cone on the side.

Yes, the Monsta Shakez at Twisted Sista deserve a place on the list of most indulgent treats in Melbourne!

Extravagant milkshakes are popping up all over town but Twisted Sista’s version have a point of difference; the house made and delightfully luscious gelato.

chocolate freakshake

We visited Twisted Sista with a “go big or go home” mentality and ordered two Monsta Shakez, a meal each from the All Day breakfast menu and two Butterbing Melbourne cookie sandwiches.

Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs it seems though. We should’ve ordered one shake to share because we could only finish half (we did polish off all the extra ice cream and macarons though!) and the Butterbing cookies came home in a takeaway container.

Despite how sweet all the add-ons were, the strawberry shake itself didn’t taste sickly and the strawberry flavour was actually quite subtle. The strawberry gelato had a more obvious flavour and was a lush, creamy texture.

The Choc Fudge Brownie Shake was by far, the richer and more decadent of the two.

The first thing I did when this arrived at the table was eat a piece of fudge brownie, which was as chewy as any homemade recipe! The shake was decadent – where the strawberry flavour tasted somewhat diluted, the chocolate was the opposite. It was a very rich, full-bodied chocolate flavour.

What I love about Twisted Sista’s Shakez is that the ice-cream is served on the side. Other shakes I’ve eaten have the ice cream on top, which inevitably falls into the glass, turning the milkshake into a heavy thickshake.

By serving the gelato on the side, these shakes keep a thin, milky consistency, which makes them easier to drink.

If your stomach can muster a meal alongside a shake, the breakfast menu at Twisted Sista is equally impressive. The portions are large – firmly establishing that this venue has fully embraced the “bigger is better” mentality.

The waffles are fluffy, the eggs are runny, the bacon is crispy and the syrup is sticky. Classic flavours and ingredients together, served in the Twisted style; in abundance.

The portion size might not look that large at first, but the bacon is piled on there and with the maple syrup and crushed pecans, this isn’t a meal that’s going to leave you feeling hungry!

I’ve blogged before about my frustration at the lack of grilled corn fritters in Melbourne. Twisted Sista have ticked another box for me, with a grilled corn fritter stack that’s probably the healthiest item on the menu.

The fritters are packed with whole corn kernels so with the beetroot and bacon on the plate, there’s a perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

The sour cream is sandwiched in between the two fritters and while the flavour goes well with the other ingredients, it didn’t really bring anything to the dish, so could have been left off for me.

Despite how thick the fritters are, the inside is still light, fluffy and enjoyable to eat. Definitely a dish I would order again off the Breakfast menu.

If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, Twisted Sista will not only hit the spot, it will keep the sugar cravings at bay for at least a month!

For the sheer extravagance alone, it’s worth a visit so it’s a bonus that the quality and flavour of the food and drinks is outstanding.

Pro tips: don’t eat breakfast before your visit and clear your schedule afterward so you can blissfully lapse into a sugar coma.

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